The 2018 "Make it Happen!" Vision Board Workshop
Sunday January 7th from 3pm - 6pm EST
(Recording will be provided to all that registered)
For $39 Only! 
Ready to power up your dreams and visions for 2018?

What are your dreams for 2018?

If you’re like me, you’ve already got notebooks full of all the things you want to make happen this year. 

That’s amazing, but there’s a way we can give those dreams and visions MORE power — and increase their chance of actually happening.

On Sunday, January 7th, I’m hosting my popular “Make it Happen” workshop. An intensive vision boarding and action planning experience — Superhuman Style. 
You’ll learn my special technique for making powerful, beautiful vision boards, breathing life and energy into those visions, and transforming them into a real tangible Action Plan so you can make those dreams actually come true. 
Are ready to make those dreams a reality?

Here’s how it works:


We’ll meet virtually in my living room via video conference. You’ll show up with your poster-board, magazines, beautiful photos, and we’ll create our amazing vision boards together.

Then, we’ll do a special Superhuman technique to power up those visions. 

You’ll walk away with a personalized, custom-designed vision board and detailed daily, weekly, monthly action plan to bring those visions to LIFE!
In this in-depth virtual workshop, you’ll learn:

Why just making a vision board doesn’t work —  and what you need to do instead

How to shift subconscious blocks that are keeping you from manifesting what you want
The “Crystal Ball” Technique: how to upgrade your brain so you can clearly see a NEW life — without being held by memories of the past
How to design your dream body — powerful, flexible, supported, toned — using the power of your mind
How to connect your body to an upgraded business, body, money flow, relationships, and adventure 
The Intuitive Imaging Practice to select the perfect vision board images for YOUR ideal 2018
Connect-the-Dots Technique: Infusing your visions into your subconscious mind-body
Designing The Perfect Day: How to set up your daily schedule so your visions come to life
Let’s design a magical 2018 together.

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